25C3: Nothing to hide

You know the end of the year is here again and it’s always tough to find any reasonable thing to do. This year could be different ;) During the December 27th to 30th, 2008 Berlin will hosts 25th Chaos Communication Congress.
I always wanted to either do my own stuff or see anything that is related to my own thoughts and get rid of the common s…. at this time. If all things goes well will spend those otherwise boring days learn something interesting.

Quote: The 25th Chaos Communication Congress (25C3) is the annual four-day conference organized by the Chaos Computer Club (CCC). It takes place at the bcc Berliner Congress Center in Berlin, Germany. The Congress offers lectures and workshops on a multitude of topics and attracts a diverse audience of thousands of hackers, scientists, artists, and utopians from all around the world. The 25C3s slogan is “Nothing to hide”.