SIM hack?

587_universal_unlock_card_for_iphone_nokia_sony_ericsson_motorolaI do not really watch tv, I do not even have one (even though I pay for it, that’s something I have to change, anyway back to the story), not because I do not have money, but because I don’t thing they give us the truth, who does :)
But today I saw interesting thing in TV. Some guy hypothetically spend 3 millions Czech crowns within 2 days which is no possible (that’s what they said, but if you count a bit you probably get the same conclusion). The only thing that pops up in my mind and makes me smile is that he was hacked.

So here is my thought. Some clever guy found out there is a security hole in encryption. They said that those who hacked the phone has to stolen the SIM first to make a copy etc., but I thing someone found a way how to decrypt the encryption on the fly (same as the WEP or WPA hack), and that’s is the bug he or she, who ever wants to point at!

For me it’s pretty much clear. They made such enormous charges, because they simply want to emphasize the fact that the SIM copy wasn’t use by the human and that this is only a illustration of the security problem (the company haven’t mentioned even a word indeed).
I think they just want to point at this security hole this way, just to remind us that no technology is perfect as we all like to forget.

Here are some links:
the video from TV (cz) starts at 12min.
a nice SIM description (cz)
and one lovely tutorial how to hack SIM card (en)
and many many more, where else then on Internet :)

I know, I might be wrong, but one thing is clear, we use the phone for everything and totally believe in security of this technology. Be surre, it is not! And that’s the message.