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net-graffitHello You who are not passive to the shared knowledge and the critical Internet thoughts. Help me out with the new article a have been started on en.wikipedia. I think this theme deserve to be evolved and practise as well.
Help me out with this

don’t wary this is not self promoting action ;) I’m not involved in this even though I would love to.


Wikipedia watchdogs totally sucks :(…  they deleted the page not to give it chance to exist an hour. This is a perfect example of their ignorance. If you think as I do that this has to come up again, create it again. Here is the content I have posted there as the cornerstone:

NET GRAFFITI is a new digital [[Graffiti]] phenomenon spreading all over the Internet.

The NET GRAFFITI tries to continue in the ideological line of street graffiti and it’s attitude of self expression without borders. The Internet is not academic field anymore. More and more people spend many ours in the virtual space and it becomes their natural space as like streets in their neighborhood are. With the space change the attitude stays still. Digital sprayers constantly feels the inner want of self expression and want to change the world for their needs.
==Digital stickers==
The [ LEN M.] group following the hacker style found a way how to embed their mainly political graphics to the digital world. A like classical graffiti “burnish” brick or concrete wall manipulates with posters or else advertisements, the NET GRAFFITI manipulates with the freely available digital material. They re-use already illegal material shared by the P2P network (such as [[torrent]], [[e-mule]] etc.) and changed particular part for their needs. As a target for such a contribution are chosen hacked programs or movies consumed by millions end users everyday. This material gives even much stronger basement for the net artists then the regular streets. By such a manipulation with high end editing tools (in some cases hacked as well) they can change the source material in the way that common user or else people who haven’t seen the original piece cannot recognize the difference and the manipulated content becomes in the eye of spectator the “unaffacted” and the only work.
In some cases especially speaking of manipulated programs the idea is explicit and even shocking.

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