7.15AM Pardubice (Czech republic) Fakulta chemickotechnologická UP Pardubice,nám. Čs. Legií 565

nobody knows that anything has to happen today,  or at least not the nanoSKOP, or anything else with the word nano in the name.

7.45 same place, sitting with couple people close to the main lecture hall waiting for the upcoming electron microscope presentation :)
Luckily one of newcomers has the organisers  phone number, so we get the actual address where all supposed to start. We all woke up and headed to the new given address believed we wont miss anything interesting. When we reached the destination even there nobody knows anything has to happen. Then one really kind woman point us to the new center of the faculty.img_0107img_0135

Pretty nice building, You know the pure totally empty like from the architecture blueprint, no people just glass and concrete, which was bit weird but still seams to be the right place. After we bypassed the whole building we saw couple workers went in. Hey this isn’t the right place, no other people then workers only the pure space.
I like the combination of red and green glass with black lines  on edges of the building…. I later spoke with Adolf A.K.A. Fantomas about this building and he explained to me a probably better concept that supposed to stay there but the concept was rejected by the city.

….couple other mistakes, phone calls and we found the right room with researchers waiting on us ;)

9.00 AM – Electro microscope
img_0136The E. microscope is bit funny thing. They make a vacuum, because they don’t want to shoot the air atoms. If you are lucky enough and you know how to operate with that sophisticated tool you get a nice pictures, those you know from all books of nano-technology, great beginning of the day.

15 minute later
The physical nanoscope with a needle sharpened to 5 nano thick pike is even more accurate then the electro one. We saw the example of a material that has extra behavior. It likes to grow up about 80% of it’s scale on certain spots, but they have no clue how it could do that when there is no water, air or any other medium involved during the process (in vacuum).
…you have to take me lightly, my brain cannot as grows up as this nano sheet.

10AM – back in the main faculty building – lecture of nano-tubes
img_0138This was totally out of our understanding. I sort of understood, because of my civil work in the hospital where I have showed up close to MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging). The old weirdo spoke of letters and numbers and letters and atoms and how to brake atoms apart and how to cover them so that human body isn’t poisoned and of many things I didn’t catch. But it was cool, relaxing.


One by one we meet more and more funniest people, This guy was excellent. He really likes his work and enjoyed to show anything he has on his tongue. Beginning from the picture of the cat hair, continuing through nano ball cleaning, going for ever and ever until we were hungry and left.

2 PM – SYNPO – nano-surfaces
If you remember something from the elementary school you do not have to follow much of this speak. It’s always big problem when researchers try to speak to audience and they spot blind faces with “what the h… is this?” He showed us the most brilliant artificially made red color, it was excellent. Even the name is excellent and probably the price too, they call it Ferrari red.

4 PM – FCHT UP – laser ablation

Shooting with with tinny-micro-nano stream of laser onto surface with the aim to make the plasma spreading all over, ideally on the place you would like to Ablate. This process is called laser Ablation.

5 PM – next nano presentation
Couple young guys used us as laboratory rabbits ;). They showed us bunch of enlargements and we end up talking, or the better they and up talking of quantum theory.

Don’t remember who was who, here are some of the names of people we have meet:
prof. P. Kalenda, prof. Hrdina, Ing. Frumarová, Ing Zelenka and others

session organiser:
Saša Prokopová on behalf of noncommercial group TESLA

nanoSkop is a artistic program running in the name of EURONANOFORA09 scientific international conference.