screen-weebitinfoHere it is, an open portal for artists and their presentation.
I have made a portal based on wiki concept but with the easier interface. Self promotion of artist who have just started his/her carrier is really important, and because there is not such a space, not speaking of Myspace, Flicker and other commercial sites ;) the weebit.info site rise up. Weebit.info unlike wikipedia let anyone make his/her online self-presentation.
Weebit.info is completely free (if you like to donate you are welcome). The secondary aim is to make something like a database of artists who are not on the top-list at least not now. I think many of non-top-list artist are doing grate job and so it’s worthy find some informations of them and their work, and the best find them all in one place. The portal is open, so not only artists them selfs can make their presentation, but some willing guy can make it just because he/she thinks it might be interesting for someone to see.