nonofiber, new seed of death

img_0196Here it comes, the future. Nanotechnology is a new paradigm rising up right with the speed of light and maybe even faster since it has lover resolution then the light wave has. The nano fabric heading into our clothes, into pharmaceutics into the whole world, new shiny technology the world haven’t seen. Yes the nano world is all around us, but unlike “old” nano structures which are result of the millions years long evolution the new one (artificial kind)  is here just few years and more than that, it was developed by one stupid kind, generally called Human. This kind thinks it can understand the whole world because it has brain in it’s head. Yep, even the bird has one.

OK let’s speak bit more closer. The nano particles used for example during the MRI with the size that can get into the cell as the sharpest blade into the flash can cause the cancer, but it doesn’t ..or it does?. If such a particle apear in the body alone uncovered by for instance some kind of Polymer it might stick into cell and so become the seed of cancer.
Now we have here the nano fiber. A tiny mini string that has in one of it’s proportion of the particle used during the MRI but luckily in the other dimension it’s pretty long still speaking in nano dimension. This second dimension supposed to prevent the nano particle stick in to the sell when used as a medicine, plaster,… (or ?). Let say it does, but how long it stays in this state? Some might say, indeed when it brakes apart it will brake into neutral particles and will merge with O2 or something, yep maybe….not speaking of it’s natural dynamic behavior and that they are not 100% equal and so are unpredictable. Yep maybe in computer simulation, or in “natural” environment. But if we consider the nano fiber as an artificial particle in the natural environment then the natural environment is not natural anymore. What if there will be another nano something made by another company that doesn’t take in to account that there might be one already. And what if these two different nano something have actually disposition to brake them self back into tiny mini particles such as those used in MRI, you know those seeds of cancer, what happend then?

So imagine, will use these nano particles, fibers in our clothes, medicine, cars, watter cleaners our kids will drink it, we will use in in our lotion and all will be cover by, maybe even our already dead sperms will have their nano jet cause their are not able to reach the aim without help. And then suddenly two of them will meet each other and “puff” will break them self apart in to nano seeds of death.

I believed that the human kind will cook itself during this 21century, but seams we will die more naturally by cancer seeds invented by ourselves.

Yes I’m not the cleverest but who is? Those researchers who just go further whenever their research is supported by rich company who sees another way how to make money and so they force the unfinished product on market (if the product can ever be finished)?
Who of us cares, as long as it brings a glimps of enjoyment, noone cares. It’s follish to think that wrong guys wearing black suite and the only thing they thing about is how to wipe out the human population, the contrary is truth. The only problem is that there will be no paradise full of animals as in “Twelve monkeys”, but dirt. “..dust you are, and to dust you shall return”