Stimulate your self

2046-stimul-festival-head-in-my-body-0579I know this is not about my own work, but who cares :)

Here are bunch of picture a made within the time I was shaking my body on STIMUL festival this Saturday..wait today is Saturday, then it has had to be Friday, OK it was this Friday. When I have checked all the myspaces of all the bands then the last little star become my big star. I think all of them was shiny planets. The band or two performers “Head in body feat. My sister is pregnant” where awesome. At one time she hit the bass guitar like bass guitar player won’t ever do and the sound was completely tuned wit my brain. the second band Vladislav Delay Quartetd .. is nice but too smooth and clean to me..not all part indeed but. PAN SONIC grate, I was bit disappointed they do not create the music out of analog toys, but that will by too childish to think of it this way, I’m childish …bla bla bla I know here are the pictures….click on more :>