Dark people create dark music.
As like if a beast lives within…

Most of  my personal recordings are on Soundcloud.
Those made within ne I and nikola2o46 lives on their own domains.


date: 2009
(random samples)

happy cook happy-cook 2046
Brakecore (washmashine) brakecore (wash machine) – 2046

date: early 2008

Here is the stuff we have done with erixikora on ADD soundsystem. I’m pretty impressed by the colors of the sound I didn’t even know we are able to get them from such a thing as a bike…I just hoped & succeeded :)
2046 – eriksikora records (bike brake)


Here is a project focusing on Games and their impact in certain ways.
date: since 2006

UNREALI.gifUNREAL I. is a first non-realtime release of my 2046 project. Sound content of UNREAL I. is extracted only from game Unreal 2004.

I followed in some cases the spirit of this game to empower the actual mood. Mood of trendy games, that we are mostly playing and are widely developed nowadays. I tried to force out the absurdity of a game conversation which is focused on army slang and other similar absurd conversation. Sometimes highlight only absurdity :). At the same time it give us possibility create delicious phrases with intriguing meaning like in song offense_defense.

  1. Victory| mp3 | 2.7MB  victory
  2. Reconstruction | mp3 | 1.2MB reconstruction
  3. Offense – Defense| mp3 | 0.8MB offense defense

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