about 2046

about 2046


Time is what matters,
a volume we can fill up
with experience and feelings.

Nothing else matters,
everything else is substitutable,
except space indeed.


Early note
Learn to listen. Learn piano!


At first I went through designer school at Škoda and right away started to study Traditional painting techniques studio at Academy of Fine Arts Prague. After two years I changed interest in digital world and moved to New media studio where I stayed till the end of my study. In 2006 I studied also at San Francisco Art Institute heading to grasp as much as I could in the field of digital media and media study. I meet there people such as John Phillips and M.C. Schmidt as well as Fausto from Shirley & Spinoza who have strong impact on my future work.

Early experiences

Early art works focused mainly on interactive applications and interfaces between human and “devices”. My work focuse as well on public media itself and I naturally worked and still work with Open Source ideas.
In 2004 my attitude drove me to be an technical assistant at New media studio at Academy of Fine Arts Prague where I used to be a tutor in the digital media field. I also taught my favourite Open Source program Blender on the Charles University, Faculty of Education. At the same time worked with company Alien technik (Deymed) as an Biofeedback game developer and cooperates with Millenium Gate Company on several interactive projects.

In the fall of 2007 I quit my job on Academy of Fine Arts Prague and left the “media studio” with major part of students because of the new dep. head and the way he gets on and. What is enough is enough.

Furter experiences

Since 2006 I’m giving from time to time lectures in Digital laboratory at Academy of Fine Arts Prague in the field of Internet publishing platforms and game development. As a consequence of all that I have kept working on my radio MONKEY ON THE ORB sort of internet radio and Artycok.tv an art TV platform.
With my great friend Erik Sikora we have established alternative sound group ne I in it’s terms we try to improvise in utmost possible way. Later with Nikola Brabcova we unite in the Nikola 2046 band.
I also work for the Auto*Mat, which seams to be an ideal step auto off the academic space to the real life. Not long ago I worked as a sound technician for The Forman Brother’s Theatre on “their” piece Un beau matin, Aladin and toured thru France quite a bit.
About 2013 established with Jan Vidlička studio Jan and in 2014 built the Avocado wooden bike.
Recently I teach so called “Interactive media design & prototyping” as well as “Professional Sound Production” on Prague College and work on new piano inventions.
Beside that I do build tons of websites (2046.cz) mainly for non-profits such as Auto*mat, jlbjlt.net and others.

“Personal” websites:



Artistic Activities:


  • Kutilství: od „udělej si sám“ po DIY, Letohrádek Kinských, Prague, Czech Republic



since 2016

  • some concerts here and there


  • ..more gigs with NIKOLA 2046
  • NIKOLA 2046 (concert) – Palác Kinských, NG, Prague, Czech republic
  • Unibody wooden frame introduction, Studio Prototyp, Prague, Czech republic
  • NIKOLA 2046 (concert) – Veletržní Palác, NG, Prague, Czech republic


  • Streetbeats, Project plus, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Missing Shaman, Czech republic


  • MISSING SHAMAN, Czech Republic
  • Prague Shakuhachi festival 2013, Prague, Czech Republic


  • PAF, Olomouc, Czech republic
  • Concentrate V. (A4), Gallery Crux, Brandýs nad Labem, Czech Republic
  • Triceps, Truhlárna, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Arthur, Divus gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Setkáme se #7 and #8, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Setkáme se v Truhlárně #1, Prague, Czech Republic


  • Parallels, Gallery Školská 28, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Truhlárna, Prague, Czech Republic
  • bunch of concerts (performances) with our ne I group


  • Artyčok.TV ARTFAIR, MeetFactory, 2010, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Maybe you’ll be more lucky then I (Michal Pustějovský & 2046), GAVU, Prague, Czech Republic
  • 60&90 (ne I), Pardubice, Czech Republic
  • (ne I), Krumlov, Czech Republic
  • “A game” (Solo exhibition.), 100m3 gallery, Všetaty, Czech Republic
  • Oranžově koukáš, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Letní kultůrní slet (Solo gig.), Prague, Czech Republic
  • 3řísk0luπ (ne I), Triskolupy, Czech Republic
  • Transgression, Videotage, FUSE, Hong Kong, China
  • Gime five and make it low, Gallery Trafacka, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Hallelujah anyway (ne I), u Kníra, Prague, Czech Republic
  • (ne I) Egon Schiele Art center, Český Krumlov, Czech Republic
  • It matches (ne I) club Final, Prague, Czech Republic


  • TMP – Creative destruction, (ne I), Prague, Czech Republic
  • Důl Kübeck (ne I), Mezinárodní bienále industriální stopy, Kladno, Czech Republic
  • E.A.S.T.NANO, Pardubice, Czech Republic
  • “Concert on the roof” (ne I), Benzinka, Slaný, Czech Republic
  • Nanoskop, DOX, Prague, Czech Republic
  • ADD Sound System, D.I.V.O. institute, Kolín, Czech Republic


  • ADD Sound System (Bike breakbeat) Ciant Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
  • shivers in the pavilon (Solo project.), Vinohradsky pavilon, Prague, Czech Republic


  • XYXX, Karlin Studios, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Soldiers all over (Solo exhibition.), Vinohradsky pavilon, Prague, Czech Republic
  • AVU18, National Gallery in Prague, Veletrzni palace, Prague, Czech Republic
  • LAB YOU, NoD Roxy, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Electric sheep, Gallery of Academy of Fine Art Prague, Czech Republic


  • Fashion non fashion or Ein Kessel Buntes, c2c, Prague, Czech Republic
  • GAS (Golden Art Students), Veletrzni palac, Prague, Czech Republic
  • OUT-PUT, Prague, Czech Republic
  • ARTBLACK, Pardubice, Czech Republic
  • BFight progress presentation, Melting Point Gallery, San Francisco, CA
  • 2046 live concert, SFAI, San Francisco, CA
  • Martin Matmos and New genres orchestra, Shirley and Spinoza, San Francisco, CA


  • Entermultimediale – Prague, Czech Republic
  • ScoutFlex (collective show), NoD Gallery Prague, Czech Republic



  • Kolej v jednom kole, Jičín, Czech Republic
  • Reflection, Mnichovo Hradiště church, Czech Republic
  • ?, Gallery Sýpka, Brno, Czech Republic
  • ?, Alšova jihočeská galerie, České Budějovice, Czech Republic


  • Actual Painting, Gallery U prstenu, Prague, Czech Republic


  • Body as an art (performance), open space, Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic
  • Thru the walls (collective show), ? , Prague, Czech Republic
  • ? (collective show), Mental treatment, Kosmonosy, Czech Republic
  • ? (collective show), Ćeskobratrský Church, Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic



Open Source activities:

  • Drupal session, 2011, HUB, Prague, Czech Republic
  • WordPress “camp”, 2011, AVU, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Creative Commons, 2010, DOX, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Creative Commons, Český rozhlas, 2010, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Open source skrze mikrospolečnosti / OSSconf 2009, Žilina, Slovak Republic
  • Blender Confernce 2008, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Creative Commons 2008, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Blender Conference 2005, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Entermultimediale 2005, Prague, Czech Republic

TMP, Creative destruction, Praha