Intelligent engine

date: 2003

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Intelligent engine (IE) is a object that is able to move in given closed 3D space. The “IE” moves constantly creating constrains behind him. Each movement of the “user” increases the constrains by leaving an impenetrable path.
There is another identity with the same properties. This identity is learning from its own experience it have learned from the space and from the fellows behaviour.

The IE project has risen for 2 reasons.
First a wanted to find out how complex has to be some “thing” to be accepted as a Identity.
Second I wanted to create full three dimension space where we loose the common feeling of gravity, loose the feeling of the ground and finally free our mind.

Unfortunately the used engine (Blender 2.25 at that time) wasn’t that powerfull to handle all my demands and because I’m not C++ guru, the project get stuck in the middle. The inpenetrable wasn’t inpenetrable and the scene optimization wasn’t simply optimized enough. (